Nightshadow G Litter born August 1st!  Five boys and one girl.
Nightshadow Rottweilers
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Nightshadow Rottweilers - pictured  in Stud Dog Class - 2004 USRC NW Regional Sieger Show
Ben (far left)  with his kids - his daughter beside him won Siegerin at the show
My first Rottweiler was purchased as a puppy from Barbara Hoard of Panamint Kennels in 1975.   I trained and titled "Sheba", CH Panamint Saphir v. Rheintal, CDX, TD, VB to all titles and I still train and title most of my own dogs.    Sheba's one and only litter, the Nightshadow "A" litter (born in 1977) earned her the ARC's Silver Production Award with two champions, two schutzhund titled dogs plus several obedience and tracking titles.    I believe Sheba is the first female rottweiler to achieve the Silver Award with only one litter

One of these "A" pups became my first schutzhund dog - "Thor" - Nightshadow Apparent Heir, SchH 3, FH, CD, TD, VB, AD, ZtP.   Together, Thor and I earned his SchH 3 title in 1983 - the first Rottweiler in California to do so.   After joining the United Schutzhund Clubs of America in 1980, my interest in schutzhund has continued.   I am still a member of USA and have titled several other Rottweilers and German Shepherds in the sport.

Back Row (L to R) 
Cassi of Nightshadow, SchH I & Cinnabar Boreal Nightshadow, CD, TD, SchH I
Front Row (L to R) 
Nightshadow Bad Moon Risin, BST, Sch III, HT & 
Nykontal's Coyote, Sch III, FH, CD, TD, Kkl2


Credence pictured at 2 1/2 years

I have personally trained and handled seventeen Rottweilers who passed the BST/Ztp (Breed Suitability Test).  Sixteen of those were from my own breeding.   Several other Nightshadow Rottweilers have earned BST's (and two ABSTs).  One of the ABSTs was my NWRS'10 Nightshadow Yucatan Dancer SchH3 FH2 BH BST ABST, who was trained and handled to all titles by my friend, Don Brooks.

My favorite - "Credence" - Nightshadow Bad Moon Risin', SchH 3, BST, HT (born in 1989) was Thor's granddaughter and Sheba's great-granddaughter.   Her sire was the top schutzhund competition dog (Alf vom Hamburger Michel, Sch 3, FH, Ztp) campaigned by Dean Calderon.    Credence lived over 14 years, and slept on my bed her whole life.  Her descendants are carrying on the working tradition and are pictured elsewhere on this site.


In 1993, I purchased a young female from Germany - Belinda von der Hammerschmiede, sister of the Bundessieger, Brutus von der Hammerschmiede, SchH 3, FH, Gekort.    Belinda quickly earned a BH and BST and was V1 rated.    She was then bred twice, resulting in the Nightshadow "G" (1994) and "I" (1996) litters.  Several descendants of Belinda are currently featured on this site.

Another important contributor to my kennel was V1 USRC Select Critter von Fieldsberg, BH, BST, the mother of my "J" , "K", and "Q" litters.   I co-owned Critter with Daylynn Kyles of Grandiose Rottweilers in Hawaii.

Ben pictured passing the Korung 
in May 1998 in Germany


I acquired my exciting stud dog, Multi V1 Benno von der Busemuhle, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, AD, Gekort, in 1998.   Ben won the titles of USRC National Sieger 2000, Northwest Regional Sieger 2001, 2002, 2003 and Southwest Regional Sieger 2000 and 2001.  Ben was a once-in-a-lifetime dog.   He made his mark on my kennel during his lifetime and several of his progeny are featured on this site.

 My current stud dogs, V-rated Nightshadow Brute Force, IPO1, BH, BST, and his brother, V-rated Nightshadow Buccaneer, BH BST, are great grandsons of Ben.  I have high hopes for both of them.


I have been a member of the Bay Area Rottweiler Klub (BARK), and the United States Rottweiler Club (USRC) for over twenty years.   I have held office and served on committees for both.  My goal as a breeder is to produce sound, athletic Rottweilers with correct working temperament and type according to the USRC standard.

I hope you enjoy my web site and come back often to view updated versions.

Lucy Ang
Nightshadow Rottweilers 

Lucy Ang
Nightshadow Rottweilers


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