Nightshadow G Litter born August 1st!  Five boys and one girl.
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Nightshadow Bad Moon Risin' BST, SchH 3, HT

Nightshadow Bad Moon Risin' BST, SchH 3, HT

Nightshadow Bad Moon Risin' BST, SchH 3, HT Credence with Dean Caldron Credence & Navi SchH I Credence Main

Credence was born in the summer of 1989 at my sister’s house, and came to live with me at the age of eight weeks.  She was the great granddaughter of my first Rottweiler, “Sheba” (CH. Panamint Saphir v. Rheintal, CDX, TD, VB), and the granddaughter of my first Schutzhund titled dog, “Thor” (Nightshadow Apparent Heir, SchH3, FH, CD, TD, AD, ZtP).  She was the daughter of the top competition dog, Alf vom Hamburger-Michel, SchH3, FH (a Dingo son).  So I had high hopes for her from the beginning.

Credence and I achieved all the titles I hoped for, thanks to the expert training of Dean Calderon and Penny McGinnis.  She obtained her BH, BST, SchH1 and 2 by 4 ½ years of age, then took time off to produce my “F” litter.  She earned her SchH3 the following year and was basically retired, except to make an appearance as a herding dog at the age of 11 ½, when she earned her HT title (handled by Judy Butler).  

But more important than her titles, was the companionship she provided to me for over fourteen years.  She slept on my bed her entire life, and was the full time house dog most of her life.  Her greatest joy was swimming and especially diving in the canal next to my house.  My fondest memories are of jogging with her, watching her run full speed along the canal, then leaping as high and far as she could, coming down with a big splash.  Then she would swim to the side, climb out and catch up with me, and do it over again.  She would do this for an entire two or three mile run.

Credence lived longer than most Rottweilers, for which I am grateful.  She outlived USA Judge Bill Fields, who judged her BH and SchH1, and FCI Judge Jean Vandereyken, who judged her BST and SchH3.  Jean Vandereyken always called her “the crazy little bitch”.  I think she lived so long partly because she knew how much she meant to me.  I know I’ll never have another dog as special.

Lucy Ang
Nightshadow Rottweilers


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