Nightshadow G Litter born August 1st!  Five boys and one girl.
Nightshadow Rottweilers
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Multi V1 Benno von der Busemuhle, SchH 3, IPO 3, FH, AD, Gekort, 2000 USRC National Sieger, '00 & '01 SWR Sieger, '01. '02, '03 NWR Sieger

March 25/95-Feb. 19/05
Ben was a medium sized (64 cm), harmoniously built male with excellent breed type and powerful floating movement. He had a stable, friendly, temperament, combined with high drive and tremendous working ability. 

Ben was imported from Germany in September 1999.   He was rated V1 several times in Germany,
and has consistently been V1 since his arrival in the United States.   His Schutzhund scores were earned with Pronounced Courage and Hardness and he passed the coveted ADRK Korung in May 1999.  Ben made his mark on my kennel with his progeny featured on this site (the "L, "M", "N", and "P" litters). Several of his grandkids and great grandkids are also featured on this site.

Lucy Ang
Nightshadow Rottweilers


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